a salad of leftovers

I meant to write this a few days ago. I had the best afternoon I stopped working around 4 o’clock and went for a drive with the husband. We played a game where he gave me random driving instructions. Like take the next right. When we didn’t know when the next right would be or where it would take us. We ended up in beautiful Suffolk village called Laxfield. We had an ice cream whilst walking around the village and a quick half pint in the sun before driving home.

It was a beautiful two hours that made me feel good about the world. I wish I had taken photos of the Laxfield to show you but I was having a technology free evening.

That day also consisted of an incredibly satisfying salad eaten in the garden.


Ever since a visit to Turkey 5 years ago where I ate one of the best salads of my life I have taken to chopping my salad quite small (this salad is quite chunky for me).


For the salad I won’t put quantities here as it was literally the ends of what ever was left in the fridge. I think one of the meats there was only one slice left. I would usually be angry that someone put one slice of meat back in the fridge but it worked to my benefit here. I put more of my favourite bits in my bowl and more of the husbands (radish) in his. You get the idea…

baby leaves


baby tomatoes




yellow pepper

serrano ham


boiled egg


teaspoon of honey

teaspoon of dijon mustard

tablespoon and a half of red wine vinegar

salt and black pepper

olive oil

I used a whisk to make the dressing. Mixing the honey mustard and vinegar well then whilst beating slowly drizzling the oil in till it was a lovely emulsified dressing. I tasted the dressing,  seasoned then tossed through the salad. Eating in the sunshine definitely made it taste all the more summery.



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