almond milk porridge with cinnamon


The sun is shining! I woke up and there was a deer in the garden. It already feels like it is going to be a better day than yesterday. The husband is back in work and I am having my favourite breakfast whilst listening to the beautiful voice of Al Lewis. 

I make my porridge with almond milk. I don’t like having too much cow’s milk in my diet and I tried lots of different alternatives and almond is just my favourite. But you can obviously replace if with your favourite.


2 generous handfuls of whole grain porridge oats

1 small handful of raisins/sultanas

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

almond milk

6 strawberries


Put the oats, raisins and cinnamon in a saucepan. Pour enough almond milk in to completely cover the oats.

Heat slowly and gently, stirring frequently. If the mixture becomes to thick for your liking then simply add more almond milk. Once the porridge is hot and the right thickness for you pop into your favourite bowl and top with chopped strawberries.


My husband starts work before I do and we share a car so I am always at my work an hour or more before I start. I use this time to eat my breakfast rather than having to wake up super early to eat it before I leave the house. I have found I can pop all the dry ingredients in a Tupperware and then cover with more milk than I would if cooking in a pan. By the time i get to work the milk is almost sucked up by the raisins and oats – a minute and a half in the microwave turns this into yummy cooked porridge. I then top with the strawberries.





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