celeriac, carrot and ginger soup with mini cheese scones.

Today was going to be extremely productive – I was going to apply for lots of jobs, sort my VAT return and update my wholesale catalogue. Instead I woke up in a funk, after a couple of nights of waking up worrying in the middle of the night about the meaning of it all and whether I would ever be able to buy a house. My husband woke up with a horrible cold. So I decided to stay at home and turn all my attention into ‘make you better food’ ignoring all my stormy thoughts.

I made a soup with some rather tired looking veg in the fridge. Yes I had to cut a couple of questionable bits off the celeriac but the end result was delicious. I thought it was rather mean to serve the soup with out something naughty. I was thinking either bread or croutons or cheese and decided cheese scones were the perfect amalgamation of all three.

For the soup:

a large knob of butter

3 medium onions

a generous chunk of fresh ginger

half a celeriac

6 carrots

1 potato

1 teaspoon of garam masala powder

1 teaspoon of local honey

chicken or vegetable stock

tablespoon creme fraiche (optional)


Melt the butter in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Dice the onion and grate the ginger sweat this slowly in the butter. Chop all the remaining veg into small chunks and add to the softened onion and ginger. Fry this on a medium heat for around 5 minutes until a little colour starts appearing on the edge of your veg then add the garam masala, salt and pepper. Turn the heat down pop on a lid and sweat for half an hour, everything should be soft and smelling delicious.

Add the honey and enough stock to completely cover the veg and cook for a further 20 minutes.

Blend the mixture and check the seasoning, add more stock if it is too thick. If you want a creamier gentler taste add the creme fraiche. Bring back to temperature then serve.

For the scones I used this recipe from bbc good food  with a few little changes. I used an extra half tea-spoon of chilli powder, grated the cheese on the fine side of the grater and added the extra cheese half way through baking. I also left the dough quite thick when rolling and used a much smaller cutter.



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